Father Bob’s Message

 Father Bob’s Weekly Message

“The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.” Psalm 23

We face unbelievable challenges during this 2020 Holy Lenten Season! The Coronavirus touching our World and our Country and our Individual lives. It is not something we expected. And, along with this serious Health Challenge, we now face a Financial Challenge which will affect almost everyone, especially the middle class, the poor and the most vulnerable among us.

The Gospel this Sunday speaks of the man born blind. We are living that right now as we cannot see the Virus in our world or lives, or the Financial situation ahead that we are all facing. You can really imagine now, in some small way, what a blind person faces everyday in their individual lives. And, we hardly ever notice those who are blind around us. What is Jesus trying to tell us in the midst of this world wide crisis that we are all facing?

Jesus certainly did not cause it. However, he is walking with us through this crisis. The gift of Hope, Faith and Love will get us through all that we face. The gift of Prayer will keep us in touch Spiritually with Jesus and each other.

Please let us all pray for everyone affected by this Virus, especially the people who have passed away and their loved ones. May God Bless us all as we face and endure this world wide health crisis. St. Joseph Pray for us!

Fr. Bob Kelly, SVD

A video link to this Sunday’s Mass from Holy Name Cathedral by Cardinal Cupich: