Father Bob’s Message

 Father Bob’s Weekly Message  



“To forgive is to experience freedom.”

Our Gospel this weekend speaks of two Parables from Jesus, one of leaving the 99 Sheep to go and find the one Lost Sheep, and the other Parable known as the Lost Son, the Two Brothers, the Loving Father, or the very popular name: the Prodigal Son. I am sure we all remember the two Parables we hear today.

How often do we lose something and search for it? Sometimes we search and search and find nothing. Sometimes we walk away from it after searching too much, and then, we finally find what was lost. And, we rejoice! In the one Lost Sheep, it really was important for a Shepherd to go and find the one lost Sheep. It was the livelihood of the Shepherd. That one Sheep not only provided money to live on but it also provided food, clothing and warmth for the future.

However, Jesus, takes the meaning of doing that much deeper, our loving God cares and looks after each one of us, especially if we are lost. Or, that is true even if we feel alone and lost and believe that no one else cares. God always cares. God is always inviting us back through love and forgiveness.

Likewise, the same is true for the Prodigal Son, or Daughter, the Brothers, the Sisters, or the Loving Father or Mother. Our God always welcomes us back into God’s loving arms. No questions asked…just love and forgiveness. It seems so easy, and yet so hard to do. God’s way of love and forgiveness in the Gospel story today is not complicated.

“We each bring something unique to the world; therefore we each have something to offer others.”