Pastor’s Message

Father Bob’s Weekly Message

15thSunday in Ordinary Time-Amos 7: 12-15, Ps 85, Ephesians 1: 3-14, Mark 6: 7-13.

God’s Grace is all inclusive. Has the Lord ever told you to go and prophesy, like Amos? Or, sent you to do something? The ‘grace of the Holy Spirit’ enables us to do things we believe or think we cannot do. Think about today’s first reading? Does it remind you of something or ring any bells for you? I am not talking about regrets or unpleasant things or issues…it is about positive things, when you were a positive witness to who Jesus is for you? Think about it, and remember, Jesus always invites us to go and do more even if we think it is beyond our capabilities or even impossible to accomplish?

Paul tells us that ‘God blessed us in Christ’ and adopted us. He ‘chose us’ “includes Christians along with the people of Israel and Jesus places us in the same boat as Jesus’ first disciples…The election of God’s people is universal: we are all called to holiness.” We are all invited to be God’s people and God’s witnesses. Jesus is our witness, teacher, mentor, servant and friend.

“Mark tells us that Jesus sent them out in pairs. I wonder how he picked the pairs. Did he pick friends to go with one another? Or by talents in order to balance the teams? Or did he put a good speaker with a really good beggar? An optimist with a pessimist? An introvert with an extrovert? A dreamer with a pragmatic doer? Or folks who don’t get along? However he sent them, we don’t know. But the only thing we know is that they came back rejoicing and must have liked the experience because the experience transformed their lives.”

-Fr. Messan Tettekpoe, SVD

Today we are taking up the Peter’s Pence Collection, which supports the charitable works of Pope Francis. This collection is taken up by Catholics around the globe and helps the Holy Father reach out to people suffering in our world, especially those enduring the effects of war and violence, natural disasters, and religious persecution. Please be generous to this worthwhile second collection on July 15 and July 22.

Our 4thSunday Liturgy is together at St. Anselm Parish next Sunday, July 22nd. Fr. Abelardo Gabriel, SVD will celebrate the Mass at 10:30 am in Memory of his father, +Billy Gabriel, who passed away in May. A light reception with refreshments will follow in the Convent.

Fr. Chester Smith, SVD will celebrate Mass at St. Elizabeth Parish on July 29thand Fr. Roger Schroeder, SVD will celebrate Mass at St. Anselm Parish on the same day. Fr. Tracy will be away next weekend. Fr. Chester Smith, SVD will celebrate Mass at St. Anselm Parish on August 12th.

The Joint Parishes Picnic is on August 26, 2018 at St. Elizabeth Parish. Please sign up to bring a dish to share with your fellow Parishioners.

“The Spirit of God is love, compassion, and giving. God dwells in loving, giving hearts.” I hope you all have a Blest, healthy and joy filled week. Blessings to you and your Families and loved ones.-Fr. Bob Kelly, SVD