Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Parish Council Meeting Highlights

from June 23rd2019

  • Parish Council Officers

o          Regina Cook- President

o          Norman Dunbar- Vice President

o          Tina Carter- secretary

  • Renew My Church
    • The process will begin in February 2020
    • The pastors will meet first
    • 5 members from each parish will be selected to serve on the Renew My Church committee by June 2020
    • Intensive meetings between the parishes will begin in September 2020
    • The churches involved in the Bronzeville/Hyde Park groupings are
      • Corpus Christi
      • Holy Angels
      • Anselm/St. Elizabeth
      • Ambrose
      • Thomas the Apostle
    • After School Program (WPYEP)
      • Julita will provide a report
      • The new fee is 30.00 per week
      • The parish supports 100% of the costs
      • Registration is beginning now for the 2019-2020 school year
    • Joint Parish Picnic
      • Chair-David Carpenter
        • Pot-Luck Style
        • Vicki will keep a pot-luck list for St. Anselm
        • Monetary donations for the picnic will also be accepted
      • Combined parish council meeting between St. Anselm & St. Elizabeth
        • July 28that St. Anselm
          • Discuss the Picnic
          • Discuss the Taste of St Anselm/St. Elizabeth


Next Parish Council meeting will take place August 18th

Full minutes will be in parish secretary’s office