Parish Council Meeting Agenda

Highlights from Parish Council Meeting 12/15/19

Review of November Open Forum

  • Overall the forum went well
    • Suggestion box for questions that can be answered in the back of the church
  • As a way of keeping parishioners informed
    • Monthly highlights will be kept in the bulletin for a month
    • Dates of the parish council meeting and agenda will be included in the bulletin2 to 3 weeks prior to the date of the meeting
    • Forums will occur quarterly

African American Heritage Month 2020

  • Celebration will take place on the 4th Sunday of February at St. Elizabeth
  • It was suggested to celebrate
    • History of the 2 parish communities and the migration of African Americans into these parishes

Renew My Parish

  • Will have the timeline for renew my parish groupings by the end of next month


Taste of St. Anselm & Multicultural Mass

  • Three potential dates in the Fall of 2020
    • September 27th, October 11th or October 25th
  • Will take place at St. Anselm
  • Have a talk with St. Elizabeth to see if they are interested in joining
  • David Carpenter has agreed to chair the Taste along with Tina Carter

Joint Fund Raising for St. Anselm and St. Elizabeth

  • This will help build community between the 2 parishes
    • Sunday Brunch or Dinner at Restaurant
    • Award ceremony celebration of life /award to parishioners
  • May or June 2020

WPYEP Status of Afterschool

  • Working towards reopening.
  • Julita is preparing a manual to run the afterschool program
  • Issues still include
    • Bathrooms
    • Inspections will have to take place
  • Additional regulations will have to be met if part of the childcare initiative

Joint Parishes Council Meeting, St Anselm & St Elizabeth will be 1/26/2020 at St. Anselm