Staff and Parish Committees

Office Staff:

Administrative Assistant: Lisa Pruitt
Housekeeper: Genorial Fields
Bus Driver: Raymond Hillard
Maintenance: Tyrone Smith

Parish Pastoral Council

President: Regina Cook

Vice President: Norman Dunbar

Tina Carter

David Carpenter

Trish Rawls

Raymond Hillard

Parris Washington

Liturgical Ministries:

Liturgy Committee
Liturgy Coordinator: Trish Rawls
Parris Washington
Tina Carter
Dorothy Williams
Rose Washington
Regina Cook
Joseph Miranda
James Burgess
David Carpenter

Music Ministry
Coordinator: Parris Washington
Assistant Coordinator: Regina Cook
Drummer: James Brown

Ministry of Hospitality (Ushers)
Coordinator: James Burgess
Assistant Coordinator: Norman Dunbar

Coordinator: Joseph Miranda
Assistant Coordinator: Lisa Pruitt

Eucharistic Ministers
Coordinator: Trish Rawls
Assistant Coordinator: Vicki Cooper


David Carpenter

Social Missions:

Washington Park Youth Enrichment Center

(Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday – 3-6 pm / Wednesday & Friday – 1:30-6pm)
 Director: Sr. Julita, SSps
Administrative Assistant: Beatrice Green


Prison Ministry   
Coordinator: Dr. Dorothy Williams
Assistant Coordinator:  Bro. Aloysius Aisi Ao

HIV/AIDS Ministry    
Coordinator: Dr. Dorothy Williams
Assistant Coordinator: Bro. Aloysius Aisi Ao, SVD

Assistant Coordinator: 
Assistant Coordinator:  

Other Affiliated Ministries:

St. Anselm Church’s Newsletters
Designed by: Bro. Aloysius Aisi Oa, SVD

Pastoral Staff:
SVD Pastor: Fr. Robert Kelly, SVD
Pastoral Associate: Bro. Aloysius Aisi Oa, SVD
SVD In Residence: Fr. Mark Weber, SVD